Career opportunities

The Gloqual Master's degree opens up opportunities ranging from research to field consultancy, as well as tomorrow's jobs in order to reason future breeding.

The carrer opportunities of this training are professions at the crossroads between agri-food companies and agricultural structures in strategic positions that promote the improvement of production methods in response to the challenges surrounding livestock farming.


Further studies at the university doctorate level (PhD) or in research positions are also possible.


Professional integration, therefore, concerns organizations and companies in relation with animal production:

  • Research and development structures: research organisations in France (INRAE) or abroad, private sector R&D departments, technical institutes, etc.
  • Production, development and professional organisation links: producer groups, breeders’ unions, chambers of agriculture, interprofessions, etc.
  • Agri-food companies: dairies…


The increasing attention paid to the quality of food and its production methods as well as the various societal issues surrounding livestock farming will no doubt open up other professional opportunities for graduates.

Graduates' profiles

Other examples of jobs held by young graduates of this course: PhD, animal welfare officer, study engineer, teacher in agricultural high school, advisor specialised in organic agriculture, producer association coordinator.